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Converting between versions of ChartFx



We have been users of Chartfx7 WinForms for a long time.  We have several databases with hundreds if not thousands of chart templates saved.

 Is there a way to "translate" the object models between jChartFX and Winforms?

 In other words, can I open my winforms templates in jChartFX or do I have to walk away from years of history I have saved?

 Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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ChartFX 7 and jChartFX shared the same object model so code should be easy to translate between them.

As of today jChartFX does not support XML or binary serialization, the main reason for this is to keep the javascript files as small as possible, I am not sure if when you say chart templates you mean WinForms code that customizes the chart or if you have specific scenarios where you need to reuse ChartFX templates (those handled in WinForms using the Chart.Import and Chart.Export calls)

Please provide more specific information if possible, you can also contact our support team to discuss the functionality you need.



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