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Tool tip issue with Custom tooltip




i m trying the example given in http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501235#27182674-0690-e211-84a5-0019b9e6b500

http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501235#27182674-0690-e211-84a5-0019b9e6b500'>I downloaded the code and tried. Everything is working fine but tooltip showing the same data ( first bar info) even i moved cursor to other place...

when i debugged the code, country id passed same everytime.  


 file: sample.js

function updateDetailsChart(args) {

      countryID = args.getPoint();

    doDataCountry(countryID, chartDetails);




 file: jchartfx.coreVector.js

getPoint: function () {

            return null != this.a ? this.a.b : -1


i could not able to fix the issue .. pls help.

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If you want to know the data associated with a specific point you can do something like this

var value = chart1.getData().getItem(args.getSeries(), args.getPoint());

Note that value will contain the value plotted for the specific bar/point you are highlighting, this is not the pixel position of the cursor. About the release date for the fix, we recently released build 4982 which should fix the tooltip issue where point and series was always returned as 0.



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