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Can I create comparative timelines with this?



I'm a writer and I've been looking for a solution that would make it easy to compare character timelines. In my mind, this would look like the following: I'd create the master chart with 200+ individual timelines as horizontial bars. The y axis would be the years. I could then place major milestone lines throughout the charts that represent major events (i.e. wars). Then when I want to compare two characters, I'd be able to simply filter the results to show character A vs. charcter B. I'm not sure how I'd want the filtering to work though I guess an autocomplete list would work best...

 Does this sound like something jChartFX can do? 

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It sounds like something that can be acomplished with jChartFX but we do not provide a filtering method (or UI) so once the user selects the 2 characters you would have to repopulate the chart with data for those 2 characters only.

The other parts you described, 200+ individual horizontal bars representing characters, vertical lines (we call them custom gridlines) representing special events should be supported.

One thing to notice is that we support scrolling in the X axis, in your case the characters axis, but not the Y axis.


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