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How can we give the user preferred color to the 3Dcharts.



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From the json user gives the color to the individual bars such as


                                { "Sales": 2,"Month":"Jan","color":"#000000"},

                                { "Sales": 2,"Month":"Feb" ,"color":"#0afbaf"},

                                { "Sales": 5, "Month": "Mar" ,"color":"#c0f0f0"},

                                { "Sales": 1, "Month": "Apr" ,"color":"#d0f0d0"},

                                { "Sales": 8, "Month": "May" ,"color":"#aaaaaa"},

                                { "Sales": 5, "Month": "Jun" ,"color":"#110101"},



by using the setcolor() method i can able to change the default color to user specified color. But in the legends i am getting the default color and single value only displayed init.

for more details see this example. http://jsfiddle.net/Fe3Qt/

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You need 2 things,

- Use the setMultipleColors so that we know the chart will be displayed one color per point, note that as soon as you do this and even if you do not set your own colors, each point will use a different color.


-  Change the index of the series from 0 to -1 inside the loop where you set the colors for each bar, this tells us that the particular attribute applies to all series (in case there is more than 1) so it will appear in the legend box




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