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jChartFX with jQuery UI and IE 9



First off, I wanted to say that of all the JavaScript-based charting tools I've looked at, jChartFX blows them away.  Awesome API, and the 3-D charts look especially fantastic.

I do have some questions though concerning compatibility with Internet Explorer 9.  We're trying to put a dashboard together (three charts side-by-side) shown above a jQuery UI-based datagrid plugin.  While the charts load perfectly in Firefox 17 and Chrome 30, we're running into some issues with Internet Explorer 9.  While I'd love to just not concern myself with it, our customer requires compatibility with IE9, unfortunately.  Are there any caveats that I should be aware of right off the bat regarding IE9 compatibility?

To get started with the troubleshooting, I'm getting a JavaScript error when the first chart attempts to load of "undefined: jchartfx.ui.js, line 6 character 37".  I'm a little suspect, because this error is identical to one that we also observe in IE 8.  

 Any suggestions on where to start looking?

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>> Are there any caveats that I should be aware of right off the bat regarding IE9 compatibility?
We try to be compatible with IE9 and later (IE8 does not support SVG).
Please note that IE9 uses "quirks mode" to try to be compatible with older pages, to change your page so that IE9 uses standards mode you need to add the following directive at the beginning of your page
<!DOCTYPE html>
There are certain minor differences in IE9 compared to other browsers, for example, we use blur effects on the chart border and shadows for the lines. IE9 does not support SVG effects (IE10 and above does support SVG effects) so you will not see those effects in IE9 
If the problems in IE9 persist, I would recommend you start with a simple javascript page (no jquery, no jquery UI, just javascript) to try to minimize the number of moving parts, then I would add multiple charts, jquery UI and then last (if desired) I would switch to using our jquery UI plugin.
Although our jQuery UI plugin allows you to create (and modify) the chart using the same jquery UI syntax as other plugins, the chart API is a little more complex that the typical plugin so you might have an easier time using our "standard" javascript component instead of our jquery UI plugin. Note that this does not mean you cannot use jquery UI for your page.
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