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Hi, I have been trying to get the charts to work on an iPhone/iPad, Apple in their infinite wisdom dislike the click event so I have been having great difficulty in getting a drill down graph to work. The tap event works just fine but the hit type is undefined (assumedly because only the click event is handled in this way), is there any work arounds that are known of or support intended to be added?

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In future builds we will attach ourselves to the touchend events on apple devices, so you will not need the detectEvent call.

This code can be placed after the chart.create call

        var userAgent = navigator.userAgent;

        var isMobile = userAgent.match(/iPhone/i) || userAgent.match(/iPod/i) || userAgent.match(/iPad/i);

        if (isMobile) {

            divHolder.addEventListener("touchend", function (evt) {

                // This will be unnecessary on future builds

                // You might still need this if you want to handle touchmove or other events


                if (evt.hitType == cfx.HitType.Point)

                    alert("Series " + evt.series + " Point " + evt.point);

            }, false);


Hope this helps.



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