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overlapping lines



I have the following example data, notice that User B and User C share the same values between the two dates and hence only one line shows. This gives the impression that the other line is missing when actually it is behind. Also because its behind one line, I cannot tell which line its actually falling behind. So wondering if there is a way to indicate the other color on the chart too?

{ "Month": "27 Nov 2013", "User A": 8, "User B": 6, "User C": 6},
{ "Month": "28 Nov 2013", "User A": 8, "User B": 8, "User C": 8}

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Unfortunately if the 2 data series are identical, a line chart will only show 1 of the series, you might want to consider other gallery types, such as bar, another possibility would be to have different line widths for each of the line to try to make the "bottom" line to be visible if the values coincide.


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