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Resize the chart




I would like to adjust the charts height after it has been drawn.  For example, if I output a chart and the user decided that the x axis labels were making the chart unreadable.  Then I want to offer a text box that resizes the containing div and then gets the chart repainted into it.  However the best I can get is that the chart is created as I want it however an old chart pane is visible but empty.

This is the code I am currently using:

function setHeightOfChart() {
    document.getElementById("ChartDiv1").style.height = ($(window).innerHeight() * (document.getElementById("CHARTDEPTH").value / 100)) + "px";



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I apologize, the version we are currently shipping has this function obfuscated. I will make sure our next build (probably available in a couple of days or so) has a public doUpdate method you can call.

If you want to try it now, the obfuscated method name is _ud so your code would be chart._ud(true)


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Hi, I'm trying to make my webapp responsive and resizing the charts is very important, this is my code:



            var graficos = new Array();

            graficos = document.getElementsByClassName('jchartfx');

            for (var i = 0; i < graficos.length; i++)







So everytime the user resizes the window, the chart should resize too, but i can't get it to work, and keep getting this error

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'doUpdate' 

i've tried using the div and the svg element with the same result, I hope you can help me.


Thank you. 

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