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jQuery Attach Event

Onofrio Comes


we are considering the possibility to switch to the HTML5 version of ChartFX - jChartFx.

In the tests which we are developing we find some difficulty to understand how to attach events using jquery.

Reading the documentation: http://www.jchartfx.com/api/search/on#Chart it is not clear which object attach events using jquery.

How do I hang on the MouseDown event?

This is an example that we can not run http://jsfiddle.net/x2U2V/6/


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We only attach ourselves to the jquery click event to push properties such as series, point, etc. If you are handling MouseDown you could call


where evt is the event argument passed to the event handler, after this call your code can query for evt.hitType, evt.series, evt.point, etc.

Note that to invoke the method on a mousedown handler when using jQueryUI you would need something like this in your jsfiddle sample

$("div", ".ChartDiv1").on("mousedown",function doClick(evt){

                $("div", ".ChartDiv1").chart("detectEvent", evt);

if ((evt.hitType == cfx.HitType.Point) || (evt.hitType == cfx.HitType.Between))




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