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I am currently calling 6 functions to load data for 6 charts. I was thinking a nice effect would be to load each one when the other ones are completed.

What is the smartest way to do this for jChartFX? I know there is a a jQuery function and a javascript timer as well but wanted to see what others are doing or what the recommended approach would be? I'd like one chart to animate after the other, or maybe two at a time.


Thanks so much! 

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I have not done it myself but I would start with 2 charts, calling the function to create/populate the first chart as soon as the page is loaded, then creating a timer and running the code to create the second chart when the timer "fires".

The default for our load animation is 1.2 seconds (you can change this if needed) so I would try to time the second animation to either coincide a little with the first chart or a little after the first one ends.


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