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Pie is not taking all space if total point value is not 100


I am using Pie chart and setting values for it. I am adding point value as 2, 3, 12, and 5. Pie is rendered but it is assuming total count = 100, and not showing proper round pie. Is there any property available to set total count = 22 instead of 100.

Here is the code:

projectedRunoutPieChart = new cfx.Chart();
var td;
td = new cfx.TitleDockable();
td.setText("Projected Runout");
projectedRunoutPieChart.getAllSeries().getPointLabels().setFormat("%T Site(s)");
var myPie;
myPie = (projectedRunoutPieChart.getGalleryAttributes());
var data = projectedRunoutPieChart.getData();
var series = projectedRunoutPieChart.getSeries().getItem(0);
projectedRunoutPieChart.getPoints().getItem(0, 0).setColor("#2EFE2E");
projectedRunoutPieChart.getData().setItem(0, 0, 2);
projectedRunoutPieChart.getPoints().getItem(0, 1).setColor("#F00D0D");
projectedRunoutPieChart.getData().setItem(0, 1, 3);
projectedRunoutPieChart.getPoints().getItem(0, 2).setColor("#F6FE0C");
projectedRunoutPieChart.getData().setItem(0, 2, 12);
projectedRunoutPieChart.getPoints().getItem(0, 3).setColor("#DFDFD9");
projectedRunoutPieChart.getData().setItem(0, 3, 5);
var divHolder = document.getElementById('projectedRunoutPiePanel');
if (divHolder) {


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Actually I am passing value from GWT code. In GWT code values are Long value. I am not sure what was the cause, but when any of the value is 0, other three are rendered and there was blank for 0 point.

When I used parseInt() in my javaScript function, it works fine now.

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From google's web site

long: JavaScript has no 64-bit integral type, so long needs special consideration. Prior to GWT 1.5, the long type was was simply mapped to the integral range of a 64-bit JavaScript floating-point value, giving long variables an actual range less than the full 64 bits. As of GWT 1.5, long primitives are emulated as a pair of 32-bit integers, and work reliably over the entire 64-bit range. Overflow is emulated to match the expected behavior. There are a couple of caveats. Heavy use of long operations will have a performance impact due to the underlying emulation. Additionally, long primitives cannot be used in JSNI code because they are not a native JavaScript numeric type.

I will check if we can support gwt long values, in the meantime you will have to use either parseInt or parseFloat depending on the type of your data values.


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