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Reduce size/distance between points on x-axis




I'm trying to reduce the size of the spacing between the data points on the X axis say. I've looked through the documentation including http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501235#f9fd4d36-1e34-e211-84a5-0019b9e6b500 but this appears to be talking about scaling the units of measurement and not the 'actual space between the points'. In fact, I'd like to shrink my whole graph - to make it fit inside a sidebar on my website; say 200px width in total.

Url http://acookson.org/test/

best wishes


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I see your chart is a gantt chart so if you mean reduce the space between the bars you can use the Volume property to control this spacing, 100% volume will draw bars with no space between them


You can also move the legendbox to the bottom to reduce the wasted space to the right of the chart (or hide the legendbox altogether) if you need your chart to be smaller. 


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