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Can I add Annotations to Legend Box or Data Grid?



Is there any way to add annotations to LegendBox or DataGrid?

If not,  can I specify a position to show a annotation in chart? Not only in plot area, but also in all over the chart.

Same to my another post, the method AnnotationObject.setPlotAreaOnly(false) seems to just include plot area and margins, exclude LegendBox or DataGrid.


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Unfortunately annotations are restricted to the plot area (or plotarea + margins if setPlotAreaOnly is set to false).

At this moment we do not support annotations on top of the chart as a whole. In the case of the legend box you can add custom legend items but they will be shown in a similar way to other items in the legend box such as the series legend so I am not sure if this functionality would work for you.

Feel free to post an image of the chart you are looking for, it will help us suggest other workarounds or design new features for future versions of the product.


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