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Not all chart types working




I've created a select list so that people can change the chart type on the fly.  However a number of the charts just don't display and I have no clue as to why:


Currently I get nothing for:

  • Area Curve
  • Candlestick
  • Open High Low Close
  • High Low Close
  • Pareto
  • Pyramid
  • Radar
  • Contour
  • Surface
Any advice would be most helpful?
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A little progress has been made, since I posted that I found out that I needed to add more of the JavaScript files to the html.  This has enabled some but not all charts to start functioning, my example still fails with:

  • Area Curve
  • Candlestick
  • Open High Low Close
  • High Low Close
  • Pareto
  • Contour

And Pyramid is only showing the second series pyramid...

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reporting issues, please narrow your code down to the
smallest reproducible test case. The idea here is to isolate the cause of the
by commenting out any non-chart related customized code.

Some gallery
types require a specific number of series like: Candlestick, Open High Close
and other financial galleries. Please make sure you pass the required data to
properly render a chart.

tried your sample, and after commenting out some customized JavaScript and CSS
(elmstone.css, elmstone.js, onclick, etc), I was able to render the galleries
you previously reported as problematic.

In some
galleries, you have to disable View3D Property in order to render the chart. So
please try disabling this property when necessary.

the Pyramid Gallery issue, it seems to be related to the data you are passing
to the chart. There are multiple values equal to zero that can be rendered in a
different gallery (e.g. Lines) but does not automatically apply to a Pyramid

We are wrapping
a sample showing different financial gallery types, so you will be able to use
it as groundwork for your tests. I

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