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jchartfx Maps Know What State Is Clicked onclick event



I'm working on implementing the jchartfx maps feature.  However, I'm having a hard time figuring out where to hook into the onclick event.  I'm wanting to navigate to another page based on what state is clicked in the 'US_ContinentalStates.cmf' map.  Is it possible to hook into this event?  I've been able to use some basic jquery as follows:


alert('Map Clicked.');
I'm just not sure how to get the state from here.
Thanks for any help!
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Add this code inside your click handler
    if (evt.hitType == cfx.HitType.Other) {
       var shape = evt.targetObject;
       var layer = shape.getLayer();
       var state = shape.getFieldValue("STUSPS");
Note that evt.targetObject when using maps will contain a reference to the shape the user clicked, from there you can get the layer (in case the map has multiple layers such as roads, rivers, etc.), you can also get to any field stored in the map. In the case of US_ContinentalStates the field with the state abbreviation is called STUSPS.


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