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Mouse x,y position to chart point





I am wondering if anyone has any information on how I can get the mouse to interact some with my chart.  Ultimately I would like a vertical line to be drawn on the graph when the mouse moves over the chart at the mouses position.  Hopefully I would then be able to get the values of where this line intersects with the other chart lines.  I know that the tooltips kind of do this but I would like it so that you don't have to be directly on a point for it to show up.


I don't really know if this is possible and have been looking around but can't find too much information on jChartFX interacting with the mouse, other than tooltips.


Anyways any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much.

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This is something already developed (we are on the final phases of tweaking defaults and looks) and will be supported on our next version.


The way it will work is that tooltips will expose a property (currently called TriggerMode) which you will be able use to control how tooltips are triggered, in current builds you have to mouse over a marker (bar, point, etc.), with the new trigger modes you will have 2 extra options


-The first tooltip is triggered on a marker but subsequent mouse moves will trigger tooltips depending on the marker closest to the X axis of the mouse


- Any mouse move will trigger a tooltip


Independently we will expose a new tooltip mode where we draw a vertical line, highlight the markers and show the tooltip text tied to the X position of the mouse or in a fixed position.


We will post here as soon as we have a preview version for you to work with.





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