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Two Charts On One Page





We have created a module in Joomla to display different charts depending on the parameters we provide to each module.

For example we have one chart displaying Groups and another showing Locations.


If we have these on separate pages they seem to work fine, but if we display them both on the same page only one displays.

We assume this is because the two charts are using the same code to create the charts.


Is it possible to create a generic chartobject so for each module it will create it's own version and avoid conflicts?


Our site is at http://demonew.online-communities.org/and you can login using test/test .

You will see the problem under reports>admin tools>testing


We have attached the jquery script below.


Hope that makes sense





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In order to have 2 charts you will need 2 different divs in your page to "hold" them. Even though the script you attached seems to try to create multiple divs I only saw one div when using "Inspect" in your page.


Also you are trying to reload the charts every X amount of time, have you tried commenting the setInterval call to see if the problem still persists?



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