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Live chart,Zoom,Dynamic annotation




I am looking out at various charts available in market and jchartfx looks pretty impressive.

1. We have a scenario where in we have live data to be shown and graph should grow on time line. Is this facility available?

2. I see zooming is possible. Will I be able to get the datapoints after the zooming is done. Will I be able to do it on minutes/hours basis?

3. Annotation is very good differentiator from other charts. Will I be able to create it dynamically and capture it to my Database along with the zoomed data points?

Thanks in advance,

Balaji D.

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1) Real-Time
charts are supported in jChartFX and they can be feed with live data. Let me
know in case you need a sample showing a real-time chart.

2) Selecting
an area to zoom is currently not supported in jChartFX; this is something we
are considering for future versions.

3) Annotations
can be created in code using the API (not at run time by an end user) and they
can be dynamically positioned in different chart areas, so you can obtain chart
data points values where the Annotation was placed (or axis coordinates) and
capture this data to your DB. As I mentioned before, zoom is not supported so
you cannot capture zoomed values.

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