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Tooltip delay




we are evaluating jchartfx for using in our main application as the primary chart system. We are interested in the jChartFX+ version.

It looks good and we can do all our things with jchartfx but we can not find how we can reduce the delay for the tooltip. It takes about 2 seconds until the tooltip will be shown. 

How can we reduce the delay? This is a very important feature for us and if it is not possible to reduce the time jChartFX+ is out of the question for us.

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Thank you for your reply.

If i try it on a horizontal gauge it does not work. 

I am getting an exception: Uncaught TypeError: hg.getToolTips(...).setInitialDelay is not a function.

I have searched the whole sources and the method "setInitialDelay" does not exist.


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We added this functionality somewhat recently as setTimeHover and it was later renamed to setInitialDelay.

In order to use setTimeHover you need to use build 6114 or newer.
In order to use setInitialDelay you need to use build 6162 or newer.

I would recommend downloading our pre-release version which is 7.5.6127 and use setTimeHover. We should be uploading a new build soon.



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