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Jchartfx error



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Make sure
you are adding the required JavaScript Libraries.

The only two
files required in any scenario are:

- jchartfx.coreVector.js
or jchartfx.coreBasic.js

(depending on whether you want to use Vector based rendering or not)

- jchartfx.system.js

Beyond those
two, you can add or remove references as needed based on the

functionality you want to make available on the chart.

Are you
calling a specific method when received this error?


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I have added both the references


script is :

$("div", ".ChartDiv1").chart({

gallery: cfx.Gallery.Area,

data: {

series: 2


series: [{

color: "#801702D1",

border: {

width: 4


}, {

gallery: cfx.Gallery.Lines


allSeries: {

pointLabels: {

visible: false


MarkerShape: cfx.MarkerShape.None


LegendBox: {

visible: true,

dock: cfx.DockArea.Bottom


//----Assign data fields--------

dataSourceSettings: {

fields: [{

name: "LowerLimit",

usage: cfx.FieldUsage.FromValue

}, {

name: "UpperLimit",

usage: cfx.FieldUsage.Value

}, {

name: "Value",

usage: cfx.FieldUsage.Value

}, {

name: "Date",

usage: cfx.FieldUsage.XValue



//----Set Sample Data------------

dataValues: items


i am using mvc3


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 Hi Sunil,

Are you using JQuery mobile?  If yes, and if you are trying embed the chart inside something like Accordion etc.  this may happen. (at least I have seen this issue in such a situation).  Apparently the chart cannot reside inside some jqm components.

Hope this helps,



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