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Label on Pyramid Chart



Firstly, amazing library! Thanks folks.

Now, I want to do a fairly basic pyramid chart but i want to show a "You are here" label on the chart.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. I have resorting to annotating the chart after it has rendered ( i get the height of the chart and set the left/height properties to position the label ).

However, i think there is a better way using attach or attachElastic - anyone know of it?

many thanks,


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Unfortunately the annotation attach functionality is only supported in "Cartesian-axes" charts, i.e. Bar, Line, Area, Curve, CurveArea, Step, HighLowClose, OpenHighLowClose or any combination of these.

It is NOT supported on Pie, Doughnut, Pyramid, Radar or any of the other galleries.

In the case of radar it is clear we could use polar coordinates but in the others it is not clear how would you describe the position of an object.

Have you checked our point labels? If the position of the point labels is near where you would want them, it is possible to turn on a point label for a specific serie/point combination using the Chart.getPoints() collection.



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