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Setting the color and alignment of a custom grid line




I'm trying to set the color of a custom grid line to something besides the default red color, but it doesn't work. It just stays red. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, I can't seem to set the alignment of the label of a custom grid line. I get an error, and the documentation says I should see the .NET documentation...isn't this all supposed to be in JavaScript?

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jChartFX has 2 "modes" of work. If you include jchartfx.css we will pick up most (if not all) the colors from this file. In the case of a custom grid line we will generate an object that looks like this

 class="CustomGridLine AxisY_CustomGridLine AxisY0_CustomGridLine0"

Which means you can set the color for all custom grid lines, for all the custom gridlines in the Y axis or for a specific custom grid line by editing the CSS. e.g.

.jchartfx .CustomGridLine {
 stroke: #00F035;

.jchartfx .CustomGridLineLabel {
 fill: #660066;

If you DO NOT include jChartFX.css you can control the colors using our API (I am guessing this is what you are trying already but because you are including the CSS it takes priority over the API calls)

To control the label alignment in a CustomGridLine you should use setAlignment and/or setLineAlignment as follows


The other possible alignments are Near and Far. About the documentation, our control was first developed as a .NET control so I am afraid some of the documentation has not been properly changed. The current build also has an issue aligning text to the top so LineAlignment.Far will not work as expected, we should be fixing this in a future build.



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