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How do you change the default fill color of a rectangle-shaped custom legend item?



I am adding a custom legend item with a rectangle marker in my legend box. I was trying to use this code to do that:


var legBoxItem = new cfx.CustomLegendItem();





but the color that changed is the outline of the marker not the fill color which is still white.  I have also tried setting a tag name to the item and add a "fill:" in the chart css but that did not work either. I am currently settling with the marble marker shape because that is the only shape that auto-fills its interior with the set color, albeit in gradient.

Any clues/tips are appreciated.





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This is a bug, we are in the process of testing a fix for it.

In the meantime you can workaround the bug by changing the MarkerStyle for all series to Filled, to retain the look of your markers you can then set the MarkerStyle for each series to Hollow, e.g. if your chart has 2 series







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