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Want to show the actual value in tooltip




I am passing the data  as 

data = [


        Date: "Aug 24",

        Volume: 83.428,

        Transfers: 44.211



        Date: "Aug 25",

        Volume: 87.158,

        Transfers: 45.669



        Date: "Aug 26",

        Volume: 85.762,

        Transfers: 45.089



Here, I am showing the Yaxis in thousands for Volume and Transfers. But, I want to show the actual value of Volume and Transfers in tooltip when mouse over on the chart.(Eg: 85762 and 45089).

Now its showing the Yaxis value in the tooltip as 85.762 and 45.089. Could you please help me to show the actual value in the tooltip?


Naveen Kumar P 

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Unfortunately we do not have a property that allows you to change the scale used for the labels without affecting the tooltops, I would recommend you set your data with "real" numbers, e.g. 85762 (instead of 85.762) and handle the Y axis label event to format the labels, e.g


    chart1.on("getaxislabel", onAxisYLabel);

function onAxisYLabel(args) {

    var number = parseFloat(args.getText());   

    args.setText(number / 1000);




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