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Unable to get value of the property 'call'



I have just started with Jchatfx and trying to create on sample page.I amgoing through http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501235#2d0978a4-8c87-e211-84a5-0019b9e6b500 and i have created a view(trying to avhieve it in MVC3).While running the application am getting error saying

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'call': object is null or undefined
jchartfx.coreBasic.js, line 398 character 194

here is my html


ViewBag.Title =


Layout =






link href="../../ChartCss/jchartfx.css" rel="stylesheet" />


script src="../../ChartScripts/jchartfx.system.js"></script>


script src="../../ChartScripts/jchartfx.coreBasic.js"></script>


h2>Charts Demo</h2>


div id="ChartDiv" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; display: inline-block"></div>


script type="text/javascript">


function () {



var chart1;

function loadChart() {

chart1 =

new cfx.Chart();




var series1 = chart1.getSeries().getItem(0);

var series2 = chart1.getSeries().getItem(1);



var data = [


"Month": "Jan", "Bikes": 1800, "Parts": 1300 },


"Month": "Feb", "Bikes": 1760, "Parts": 900 },


"Month": "Mar", "Bikes": 1740, "Parts": 970 },


"Month": "Apr", "Bikes": 1750, "Parts": 1010 },


"Month": "May", "Bikes": 1810, "Parts": 1070 },


"Month": "Jun", "Bikes": 1920, "Parts": 1180 }



var divHolder = document.getElementById('ChartDiv');





 Is that anything i am missing to give reference?.

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Can you try removing the @{...} tag at the beginning of the page? or moving it? I have seen IE9 will render a page in quirks move if the page does not start with <!DOCTYPE html>. If you use the developer mode you can also check if IE is using standards mode or quirks mode to render your page.

I also noticed that you are using $(document).ready(... but did not see jQuery in the includes but maybe you were cleaning up the page before posting it here. 



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Thanks JuanC.I have tried the same by removing @{..} code.But still its throwing the same error.

A smal update from my side. I have try running the same HTML outside visual studio(as Independent file).It works fine.Then inside VS i have try adding the Meta tags

<meta content="IE=9" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" />

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />.

Then it works fine.But even that code doesnt make the MVC app to work.

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