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Display total value on stacked bar chart?




 I'm trying to display total values of bars on a stacked chart. What I mean is, there are 3 kinds of series in one bar, and I want to display the total amount of those 3. I have the total value, but I have no idea how to display it on anywhere in the chart. For normal bars, I'm using the PointLabel. But if I try to display it on a stacked bar, it will display for every single piece in the bar. 

Thanks for the help. 

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Assuming you have the total value you could setup your chart with 3 stacked bars and use markers for the fourth (total) series and only show the labels for this last series, e.g

    var data = [{"Jan":10, "Feb":12, "Mar":8, "Total":30}, {"Jan":7, "Feb":15, "Mar":3, "Total":24}];




    // Global Attributes that will apply to all but last series




    // Attributes for last series

    var series3 = chart1.getSeries().getItem(3);




    // Remove scatters




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In the latest release notes I see..


- Auto-Computed Total value as a Point Label in stacked series. 



Does this mean we can place the total of all series in a stacked bar at the top of the stacked bar?


If so, what is the code that would toggle that on?



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