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Latest Release 7.3.5....



We just saw that 7.3.5..was released today.  Two questions.


1. are there any changes that would require us to modify our current code to get the system to work properly?

2. I could not find documentation for some of the new features...is there anywhere online where I can learn more?


Thanks in advance.

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1. No, there are no required changes in your code


2. I think we are in the process of publishing those, we added a menu to allow users to customize certain aspects of the chart, a new way of scrolling where the "scrollbar" shows a map of the chart, a new gallery called AxisTrend and small enhancements/fixes



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2. Complementing JuanC answer, please check the releasenotes.txt file included in the downloadable jchartfx.7.3.5518.zip file.


Also, if you visit jChartFX Programmer's Guide: http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/PG, you will see articles tagged by version number. Please see attached image.


We will add a kb article listing all new features grouped by version. This should be finished soon and then added to the programmer's guide. 





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