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Export Image (Version 7.3...)



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The export image will launch a new page where the chart will be rendered as an <img> so that the user can copy it to the clipboard.


There is no API because AFAIK there is no standard API in javascript to interact with the clipboard, this will for sure have security implications so I would not expect a standard any time soon.



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Quick observations:


IE11:  As stated in the documentation the menu is disables.  Interestingly, right-clicking a chart in IE does bring up a "Save Picture As" menu option, so there is a way in IE to work around.


Chrome:  I am using the examples from your web site (via http).  All of the new windows are coming out with a black image.  The documentation states that this is what will happen if you are running locally.  However, I am hitting your site.  Is there something I am doing wrong?


Right clicking and chart in Chrome does not bring up the "Save Image As", so there is no other option.


FireFox:  When I click on the menu item to export the image, nothing happens.  No message, no new window, no warning. With Firefox, right clicking a chart does not bring up the "Save Image As" option, so there is no work around.




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