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Changing Series Color via API when using CSS



In earlier versions of jChart, we were using the API to set a series color.   This was working so long as the series was not in the CSS file.   In Version 7.4, we are noticing the API is not working at all, and the series are all white after trying to change them with the API.   Can you help us understand what changed, if the API is still supported, or if this is a bug that was already fixed in a later release?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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We are not aware of this issue, the code is written so that if you use our CSS then all series in the chart (and most elements in it) will use the CSS and Ignore the visual attributes (color, line width, etc) supplied through the API. We have never had code that can paint some series using CSS and others using the API (at least on purpose)


I am not sure what you mean when you say "so long as the series was not in the CSS file".


Can you provide a small repro case that exhibits this behavior?



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