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LegendBox and MarkerStyle



Good morning,



for my application I want to change the marker within the legendbox to be a circle instead of a square. the chart c0 here is a pie chart.


Unfortunatly my code is not working.


Can you give me an advice?



                           var ia = c0.getLegendBox().getItemAttributes();
                           var ial = ia.getItemList(c0.getSeries());
Is it possible to style a custom marker? like a triangle...
the circle marker should have no border. Is this possible?


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(1) In a pie chart we do not show the collection of series in the legend box, instead we show the points which are represented in the API using the X axis, please change line 2 of your code as follows


var ial = ia.getItemList(c0.getAxisX());


(2) This is not possible in the current build, we support templates in most elements (galleries, titles, etc.) so in our next build we will support templates for the markers in the legend box, note that the XML we use is based on XAML but I am afraid is not documented anywhere.


In future builds you would use something like this



ial.setMarkerTemplate('<DataTemplate xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml"xmlns:sys="clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib">' +
        '<DataTemplate.Resources>' +
            '<sys:Double x:Key="cfxOSW">1</sys:Double>' +
        '</DataTemplate.Resources>' +
        '<Viewbox ViewWidth="25" ViewHeight="25">' +
            '<Path Data="M12,0L24,24L0,24Z" Fill="{Binding Path=Fill}" Stroke="{Binding Path=Stroke}" />' +
        '</Viewbox>' +
(3) Same as 2, in future builds
ial.setMarkerTemplate('<DataTemplate>' +
'<Ellipse Fill="{Binding Path=Fill}"/>' +
Regards, JuanC
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