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Motif and palette selector?



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The way motifs work, charts/gauges properties are modified when objects are constructed (to allow for your customizations to override motif customizations).

Because of this, if you are going from motif A to motif B it is not trivial to try to "undo" the actions on motif A before trying to apply B. It does not need necessarily a full page reload but recreating the charts is the simple way to achieve this (if the motif change is happening on the client side).


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Please note that each motif is a js and each palette is a css file so if your solution is server side, the simple way to do this would be to allow these dropdowns to change some url parameters and regenerate the page in question using the appropriate motif/palette combination.


If you want to change them "client side", you could include various/all motifs on the same page, to change a motif you would have to execute something like this


cfx.motif = "block"


And later recreate the charts/gauges in the page.


Changing the palette is a little more involved because it would require you "unloading" a css before loading the new palette. I will check with the team that created that page and the motif page to see if they can provide extra details in this thread.





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