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Hello ,

I have looked into the zoom scrollbar sample (http://www.jchartfx.com/demo.aspx?ID=78ae8379-89de-430c-b7bf-35455da35bb3).

It looks very nice, However when replacing the chart type to any something different from Area (e.g. Bar , Line) the sample stoped working.

Any ideas ?

Could you post me a zoom scrollBar sample that works with Line and Bar ?

It would be nice if you could post me an html page containing this working sample.


Sagi Intel Corp.

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"This sample uses X data" means the sample in question uses dates as the X axis values and if you check closely the points are not equally spaced in the X axis.

Most of the other samples do not use X data, some pass data manually using getData().setItem, others will use setDataSource with an array of objects, in the zoom data we are using X data by using FieldUsage.XValue with the date field, you can try out without X data by using FieldUsage.None.

Also, what I tried to say in my original reply was that the bar gallery does not support X values.


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