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Dynamic resize of the plot div



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As far as I know there is no event on an element when it is resized but you can attach to the window resize event. e.g.


$(window).resize(function() {

    if (chart1 != null)
Note that if the browser sends this event while the window is being resized, and your page have lots of content, performance might not be ideal, you could start/reset a time in the resize function so that you delay the chart repainting until the window stops resizing.
var timerResize = null;
$(window).resize(function() {
    if (chart1 != null) {
        if (timerResize != null)
        timerResize = setTimeout(function() {
        }, 250);
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Thanks, it work great.

My plots are enclosed in a

function loadChart(){}

function in order to avoid adding the onload attribute in the <body> tag, which is something I can't do it.

Now I've moved the variables right before the loadChart() function.


I didn't pay attention to the fact that the variable was inside a function, I'm not by any means a js expert.



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